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    This article was written by a CURE supporter who was trying to spread the message to others.

It's Anime Time
By Lindsey Wolfgong (Sailor Staria)
This week's feature:
Chibi-Usa from "Sailor Moon"

    This week's profile is on Chibi-Usa, know as Rini in the USA and enemy # 1 to us C.U.R.E members. Don't be fooled by her cute innocent exterior. This PINK haired, RED eyed, spore is only trouble.  You're probably thinking "What's C.U.R.E.?" and "What do they have against this kid?" Well I'll tell you. C.U.R.E. stands for Chibi-Usa is REALLY Evil. It's a group on the net that is totally and completely against the existence of Chibi-Usa. (Even Tobby Proctor, one of the NA voices of Tuxedo Mask, is with us!!!) Why do we hate her??? Well tell me how many kids you know, who go back in time and nearly ruin their parents relationship. Completely disrespects their mother while there, and is in LOVE with their FATHER!!!!!!
    Ok I guess I should start from the beginning. Chibi-Usa is from 30th century, in the future city of Tokyo, Crystal Tokyo. Her parents are Neo-Queen Serenity (Tsukino Usagi) and Neo- King Endymion (Chiba Mamoru). Yes this brat is a princess. Anyway, they are attacked, or will be attacked I guess, by the Nega Moon family, of Nemesis. They would have been fine if CHIBI- USA hadn't lost the Silver Imperial Crystal. So Sailor Pluto sent the little fungus to the past, when her parents were teenagers, so that she find could the Silver Crystal of that time. So I guess you could blame it on Pluto, but why would we do something like that?????? We have Chibi-Usa to blame!!!!!!!
As soon as the spore arrived, Usagi's and Mamoru's relation ship hit an all time low. First off she literally fell on poor Usagi's head, while she and Mamoru were kissing. Then she hypnotized Usagi's family into believing she was their niece/cousin. Then Mamoru broke up with Usagi,
because of visions from the future (which are sent to him by his futureself. Maybe he was trying to get rid of Chibi-Usa. No, we couldn't be THAT lucky.) that told of bad things that would happen to her if he continued to see her. The brat didn't help matters when she started hanging out at Mamoru's place. (Why can't she get it through her think skull that he's her FATHER!!!!!!!!!???????)
Later the Nega Moon Family catches her (KEEP HER PLEASE!!!!!!!!) and Wise Man brain washed her and aged her to a teenager, so that she can fight on their side. As Black Lady she tried to seduce Mamoru away from Usagi!!!!!! (This kid is just messed up!!!!! What was Naoko thinking?!?!?!?!!??)
Once she was healed, and the Nega Moon was beaten, she went home. Things between Usagi and Mamoru got patched up too. Unfortunately IT came back in the S season and SuperS season. Once again she caused problems for the happy couple. Then she also became Sailor Chibi-Moon, a scout in
training. She's even worse than Moon os in the beginning!!!!!! Unlike her mother though, she DOESN'T improve. I mean what kind of attack is "Pink Sugar Heart Attack" anyway? Chibi-Usa is totally useless. (Unless you use one of the 101 uses for Chibi-Usa on the C.U.R.E. web page.)
    I hope by now you know why the members of C.U.R.E. and I HATE Chibi-Usa. If you STILL don't get it or if you agree with us check out the web page