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1. This site is not for little children, bigots, or people who just can't take a joke. It includes some 'disturbing' artwork by members, as well as a whole lot of opinions.

2. Project C.U.R.E. is just for fun. It is a club to link together all those Sailor Moon fans out there who cannot stand Chibiusa / ChibiMoon / Rini / MiniMoon. We do not in any way endorse cruelty to small children. Chibiusa is not a child, she is a demon from hell.

3. Yes, my ISP is fully aware that I am hosting this site. They support the First Amendment to the United States Consitution which guarentees free speech to all citizens.
"Congress shall make no law ... abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press, ..."

4. Want to know a secret? I, Kittykat, am best friends with the 3rd member of Project CUTE. Other close friends include the President and maintainer of Project CHIP, and the former maintainer of Project CULT. Xerxes, our (CURE's) former leader, is also good friends with the aforementioned. So I suppose you could say that all of the original 'Chibiusa Clubs' (term coined by Shade) are just one big joke, since their leaders and higher-ups are all good friends anyway.

It has come to my attention that Anti-CURE people keep repeating the same arguments over and over. It's annoying, because they obviously do not bother to read the replies that have already explained each point. Thus, I'm putting them here. The rest are just things that plain annoy me. First and foremost:

1. Dub episodes
Excuse me, but do not make accusations unless you have the proof to back them up. I have ALL of the original series, half of R, ALL of SS, and 1/3 of Stars. I also have 1-13 of the original Japanese manga. Therefore, I am NOT basing anything here upon DiC episodes. I haven't even seen DiC's version of R, since the USA Network put on a tennis tournament in it's place.

2. Profanity
Sometimes I wonder if all CUTE members are in Junior High. I have never in my life seen such a broad variety of cussing since seventh and eighth grade. If you've got something to say, then by all means SAY it! Just don't show us how low your intelligence is because you have to resort to tiny insults in the place of a broad vocabulary.

3. Hotaru & Chibi-Usa
For this one, I'm quoting from the guestbook:
People like these just plain scare me. I mean, WHERE do they come up with this stuff? Hotaru and Chibi-Usa were friends, much like Momoko and Chibi-Usa in the anime. (And in a few of the Picture-Diarys in the manga)

I'll put up more as they come up. For now, watch what you say, please.

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