Chibi-Usa is Weird

- A haiku by Kaith

Sailor Moon Drinking Game
It mentions CURE under 'Others' :-)

What should have happened

You know, what the Japanese should have originally done in the first episode where Rini shows up would be have her fall just a litte bit of, into the water, have the lunaball dive in after her, then the lunaball electrocutes her, since it has to have some electrical current. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Isn't that a great idea?



I LOVED SWORD!!! I fell over laughing so hard, I peed in my pants!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! TAKE THAT, RINI/CHIBI-USA HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH
A totally devoted Rini hater,


You know Pink. Well this what happened. You know that Pink from Pink Floyd, the wall "movie" starts to lose everything and then he breaks down and then he loses everything then the wall collapses. That was Chibi-usa!!!!! She killed Pink!!! She made the wall collapse!!!

Ya know? In a way, Rini reminds me of my little sister, but mostly reminds me of Bill Clinton. She's having an affair...She loves Helios, he loves her (I dont know how), and she is probably trying to do it
with her dad, Darien. Disgusting!

-Chibi Serena

I hate Chibi-Usa, so included is a list of hazardous toys and products I made just for her. I'm also working on a CURE fanfic: HARUKA'S REVENGE!! or WHY HARUKA HATES  CHIBI-USA!!!
~Haruka Tenoh~

From the Twisted Keyboard of
Haruka Tenoh
The Official Bad Toys for Chibi-Usa to play with!!
1. Dress up Like Cloud-Comes with real sword and iron glove. No handle on sword.
2. "Magic" Pikachu- Plush Pikachu doll that when touched, gives off 100,000 volts electricity.
3. Soft n' "Cuddly" Red XIII- When hugged, this plush Red XIII's tail will light up and burn her @$$ off.
4. Sailor Saturn Dress Up- Comes with the Silence Glaive, Sailor Saturn's weapon used to decapitate people. Use under adult supervision. May cause problems later in life--if she has one!
5. Pikachu Sh*t- Poisoned chocolate.
6. My Size Cloud Strife doll- When the batteries are put in, the 6 foot tall Cloud doll will p*ss on Chibi-Usa and then cut off her head.
7. Cait Sith Magic Megaphone- Just a cone with holes in each end and a retractable boxing glove in the small end.
8. Mr. Chocobo- A game where you try to put "food" in a plastic Chocobo's mouth before he "craps" it out and pecks the brat's face off.
9. Hug Joe- "Joe" is a rabid dog.
10. Sephiroth's Magic Herbs- Cocaine in a jar with "how-to-use" instructions FREE! Obscene picture of Sephiroth sticker included in each jar. Collect them all!
11. Red XIII's Kittens- a cardboard box filled with red-painted rabid puppies
12. Chocobo Eggs- Really crocodile eggs. Do not eat. Wait for them to hatch instead.
13. Nature Buddy Rope- comes with one live rattlesnake and "how to tie a knot" instructions.
14. Cloud and Tifa "play"kit- comes with a box of condoms and an inflatable doll. 
15. "The Sound of Chocobos" CD- A CD with a bunch of parrots squawking out-of-tune to Chibi-Usa hate songs.
16. Be Like Barret- A syringe filled with toxic steroids.
17. Talking Cid Highwind doll- Pull the string on his back and he'll use profanity towards you. May cause problems later in life.
18. Build-Your-Own-Pet- A box filled with bones from various pets. Makes up to 9 pets. Pets do not come to life.
19. Cid Highwind Thesaurus- A book filled with synonyms for profane words.
20. Pizza soup- Comes with a blender and a large pizza. Put Chibi-Usa's hand in the blender.
21. Teletubbies End playkit- Comes with teletubbie dolls, Chibi-Usa, and a guillotine
22. Li'l Scientist skull identifier- Comes with an unidentifiable skull.
23. The PMS gift set- Comes with PMS Tifa, PMS Yuffie, and Chibi-Usa!
24. Crash n' Rash Plane- A toy plane that explodes. Then you get a rash from the poisonous fumes. Plastic figures of Yuffie and Colleen(from road rovers) included.
25. Li'l Terrorist-Comes with Plutonium, Uranium, and a paper towel roll. May cause problems later in life. Explodes on contact of anything pink.
26. "What the Heck is That?!" trading cards-Cards with unidentifiable creatures on it. Collect them all. Cards are scratch n' sniff with poisonous chemicals in it.
27. Red XIII's War Crown-A bunch of knives connected by a string. This may cause problems later in life.
28. Yuffie Kisaragi's "Conquer the World" Playkit-Comes with a map of the world and a red marker. Color the country red to "conquer" it. Perfect for the little pink-haired devil.
29. Talking Yuffie doll-Pull the string on her back and she says "I'm a hairy b****!" until the batteries die. Use self-recharging batteries only. May cause problems later in life.
30. Yuffie Kisagari's pocket thesaurus-Has synonyms for the word "pocket".
31. Slap Jack and Run- "Jack" is a badger.
32. Saftey matches- Matches are pre-lit.
33. "Yummers" licorice strings- Actually the fuse of a bomb.
34. Kiddie Karpenter nails- nails are pointy on both ends.
35. Samurai Underpants- panties full of thorns
36. Johnstig and Johnstig shampoo- Shampoo contains battery acid and nuclear waste.
37. Buns of Lard kiddie exercise video- shows Usagi in a chair drinking beer and eating junk food.
38. El Pez bathtime fun set- Comes with five plastic fish and one piranha. 
39. Oh, Oh! Mimic Chest- Chest is filled with live scorpions.
40. Little Houdini Box o' Locks- Cannot be escaped from.
41. Let's Pretend Bandages- Band-aids with Ecola bacteria on it. Put on Chibi-Usa's wounds only.
42. Official Gnu Canoe camp canoe- Canoe has no sides.
43. Scratch n' Sniff glue- May be dangerous, but who cares?! 
44. Li'l Woodsman compass- instead of pointing north, it points to the nearest bear scent.
45. Pin the Tail on the Rottweiler party game- comes with one paper tail and one live dog.
46. Mr. Snorkel- Snorkel's end is closed.
47. Chibi-Usa's pillow of hate- Pillow contains a nest of lice.
48. Collector's Choice blue whale figurine- "Figurine" is life-size. Perfect for crushing spores.
49. Barbed Wire Animals fun set- Comes with 6' of barbed wire and instructions on how to make nine different animals.
50. Pepsi Oat- Poisoned Pepsi.
51. Chibi-Usa's Buisiness Cards- The address is the Seventh Circle of Hell and the phone number is the Cleveland Zoo's.
52. Metal Gear Solid Yummy Ketchup- "Ketchup" is actually real AIDS blood. 
53. Doc Toddler's Q-Tips- Cotton tips come off Kiddie Karpenter nail easily.
54. Collectible Pit Bull plush doll- comes with one live dog.
55. Chibi-Usa plush doll- Gives children nightmares.

How should chibi usa die
(A) fire squad
(B) lethal injection
(C) blown to bits 

I hope its (C)

Being a new member, with my name not yet added to the list of the few, the proud, I thought that a scouting run to...ggh.....CUTE...would only destroy a lowly cadet. Boy, what a mistake. First off, let it be known that a total of 15 seconds was spent at hell. May I report that a grand total of what could be 1.5 million have been waylaid by that particular shade of pink. This "website", with it's demonic
display of the hellspawned youmatic banshee, caused severe retinal ignition. Oi, it hurt. For three days, I had to live on a NON-PINK liquid diet, and had to ring a little bell to be turned over. It is
NOT fun to be color poisoned, especially the pink variation. I will never be the same. Plus, seeing as how I AM diabetic, this instance was nearly fatal.

Therefore, I call for a massive, no-holds-barred, electronic 'missionary' assault on this catacomb of Hades. We MUST convert these poor, lost souls. We MUST add to our ranks. We MUST overcome
this....shall we say, setback. THIS IS OUR INDEPENDENCE DAY!

With Regards, and hatred of pink
R. Krasa
Keeper of the Insulin Prescriptions

"BWA-HA-HA-HA-HA!!!" Steve's insane laugh echoes across the net as he holds up 
the song. "Yes, our anthem is complete! And now, to submit it to all CURE  members... Enjoy, my fellow 'pink-haired spawn of satan' haters!---Steve 'N' Hotaru

Chibi-Usa's My Enemy
(Sung to 'My Friend of Misery' by Metallica)
Thought up by Steve 'N' Hotaru

You just stand there whining
Wanting everyone to love you
They say you're the pink-haired spawn of satan
I agree no one's as evil as you
Knowing we want to kill you
And fearing that we'd do it too
You You're a mistake Chibi-Usa
You should be stricken from this world

You insist that the Senshi all
Obey you're every whim
There's more to the series than your anarchy
Chibi-Usa's my enemy

You now stand there screaming
Because CURE has cought up with you
Chibi-Usa before your life is gone
We'll send you screaming back to hell
You were sent to steal the Senshi's souls
But we caught you first to make you bleed
You Your death is all we want
Remember, Chibi-Usa's my enemy

You insist that the Senshi all
Obey you're every whim
There's more to the series than your anarchy
Chibi-Usa's my enemy

You just stand there dying
Chibi-Usa's my enemy