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What Chibi-Usa Really Is

Think about it, where did the red eyes come from, when both Usagi and Mamoru have blue? Well, remember that time when Mamoru was brainwashed and running around as Beryl's slave? We all know what Beryl and Endymion did at night... Chibi-Usa is the youma daughter of Beryl and Endymion! Poor Beryl was so horrified at the evil that surpassed her own that she locked the demonspawn away in a crystal (like she did to Jadeite) never to be found.
Unfortunately, Neo-Queen Serenity, being the too-nice person she is, came across the 'poor little girl' trapped in the crystal and freed her. Since the spore had no parents to speak of, Serenity adopted the youmachild as her own. Pity Serenity, she had no way of knowing the child's true nature.

After several Mamoru type premonitions, I believe that I have finally figured out what the spore is. Here's the answer... or rather answers. See, I've got one explanation for the pink-haired evil in the manga. and another in the anime.

1.Manga Answer Warning! Possible Spoiler!
According to the manga, Chibi-Chibi is Sailor Cosmos, the ultimate and purest form of Sailor Moon. It only makes sense that Chibi-Usa aka Sailor Chibi-Moon is the most pathetic form of Sailor Moon. Think about it! Chibi-Evil has all of Sailor Moon's worst qualities magnified twenty thousand times! She's whiny, klutzy, and stupid. What's not to hate?

2.The Anime Answer
Note: I am a huge fan of all types of animation, especially Walt Disney's. I mean no disrespect to his eminence Walt. We've all seen Snow White. Many of us have noted that the animals in Snow White are infused with such a level of cuteness it's almost disgusting. Well Walt decided to fool around with this idea and incorporated the almost intolerably high cuteness level into a human character.
The result was a little girl with pink hair, aptly named Pinky. Pinky was much more than a character, she was an evil demon! She hypnotized most of the animators into making her first film Pinky and the Cutsee-Wootsees in Sugarland. In the the film, Pinky created more demons to do her dirty work. (During the first test run of this film, animator Bill Tytla, one of the few not affected by Pinky's spell, hid in his cubicle. From there he took notes and did sketches of Pinky making her minions. These notes were the basis for his brilliant Night on Bald Mountain sequence in Fantasia. I swear!) Anyway, Walt walked in on the test run and was shocked by the evil creature. He ripped the film off the projector and locked it into a vault, never to be opened. Unfortunately for the human race, that schmuck and current president of Disney Productions Michael Eisner opened that vault. He saw great moneymaking potential in Pinky and gave her her own TV show. Pinky was sent to Japan, where Disney does all their TV animation these days. Pinky escaped to Toei Co., and the rest is history.

3.Universal Answer
Two words: Rosemary's Baby

Sorry about the length but I couldn't resist the Disney answer. Death to the spore!
Chibi Usa was originially created for the main character in a Stephen King horror novel. But the book was just to terrifying to be printed (especially because it came with illistrations of the spore) so he had to get rid of it. Stephen locked the book up in his closet and hoped no one would ever find it. Well, fortunatly the maid found the book and threw it out with the trash (yay!) Unfortunatly the spore didn't stay in the trash where she belonged. A young writer found the papers and thought he could sell them as his own work. Before he could print them he was called away on importat buisness in Japan (don't ask me why!) Well, the creators of Sailor Moon were looking for the perfect character to play Neo-Queen Serenity's daughter. They happened to find the drawings and bought them from the writer who needed the money. And besides the writer thought those pictures were creepy :)
When the almighty lord cast the fallen angels revolting against him unto earth, Satan fell upon a child carrying cotton candy. His blood flowed into the pink fluff, and fused with it to create an abomination. Afraid to call the evil creation his own, as it was too powerful, he banished it to the deepest caves of hell. But the IRS had to screw it all up, they were auditing the minions of hell, and found her unaccounted for, and so the head bloodsucker (note: sucker..) took her into his care. (Thus the cold personality, and bloodsucking abilities) The lord took pity on the world when chibi created her own show, because he could not directly take the show out, he created other characters to buffer the pain the abomination would cause, and so sailor moon was created.

Another idea sent at a later date:

Remember when sm was kidnapped by prince diamond? well take you theory and remember she was asleep, this would explain the pink hair too.

Quite simple, really. When she was four days old, in her little crib in the Moon Kingdom, an evil Nega-monster came in the night and switched her with despicable Nega-spawn. Now, more important than the wicked Chibi-Usa which has been released upon an unsuspecting world, there is the TRUE daughter of Neo-Queen Serenity enslaved on the dark side of the Nega-moon, wondering where she's from, how she got

Idea sent by: Godess Rei

Chibi-Usa is the devil's daughter, sent up to earth to destroy Crystal Tokyo. Around the time she was born, so was the ACTUAL daughter of Endymion and Serenity. The REAL daughter was normal, with blue eyes
and blond hair, just as is normal in the moon family. Unfortunately, while the REAL child was alone, chibi (even as a baby), killed her and stole her identity. She then hypnotized Endymion and Serenity, so they would never know what happened. The only one who knew was Pluto, and she, being the keeper of Time, was not aloud to tell (though she would have loved to, I'm sure).

Idea sent by: Eike

1. ChibiUsa is an android! No lie... I'm telling you, half way into SuperS she was abducted by aliens...They wanted to just do a couple of tests but when she wouldn't quit wailing they just instinctively killed her. Realizing that they made a big mistake and would now get caught, they replaced her on earth with an identical android... Only it is slightly nicer than the real one since they sort of took pity on Usagi's situation...

2. This is so obvious... We all know the 'Pluto is Mamoru in Drag' theory to explain where ChibiUsa got her red eyes...Well, I've got a better one... She is the offspring of Hawkseye and Zirconia!! She has all of Hawkseye's features but he lacks her evilness...Since she had to inherit it somewhere, and all Hawkseye had around for a female was Zirconia (likes older women, ne?), he went and did the deed with her....
And that as we now know it is where she came from...

Idea sent by: Scortia-chan

I think that one day Luna and that HUGE FAT GIANT GREEN cat kind of forgot about Artemis....... anyway, this little pink kitten with red eyes emerged. Once, in an attempt to destroy the training for the sailor scouts, the 
negaverse catnapped the pink kitten in order to break Luna's spirit. Then, the kitten got really scared and shot a laser beam out of its red eyes. They thought "hey this cat is powerful" so they changed her into a human. So, walah, chibi chibi emerged. But her name wasn't chibi chibi, it was chibi hell. They didn't give her a birthday party, so she got mad. she ran away and saw Serena with chocolate, and went with her. so wahlah! unfortunately, anime cut out the cat and negaverse part. So here it is: Rini is a negakitty.
PS-ever wonder why she is kinda chubby? now you know.

Idea sent by:

My idea is that Serenity had a daughter Named Chibi Usa, Pink hair & BLUE eyes. (yes, the same as we know) but she was sweet. She would have been greater than Cosmos, until she discovered Surge. She got hooked on it until it got to her brain. It affected her eyes, turning them red, & when she saw her self in a mirror,
she saw herself as beautiful. She became a sugar high lunatic. Though Serenity had lots of patience, She & Endymion couldn't take her any more & sent her to Pluto, wondering if she could help their possessed child.
ChibiUsa stole one of Pluto's keys to go to the past & seduce Darien.

Idea sent by Dione

I've said it before and Ill say it again, ChibiSpore is the daughter of Queen Beryl and Kunzite. We all thought that the reason Kunzite hated Endymion's guts while Endymion was brainwashed was because Suferdude wanted all the glory of finding the Crystal and killing Sailormoon, but the REAL reason is because Kunzite was Beryl's first lover! Yes! Yes its TRUE I tell you! Kunzite and Beryl were lovers 'cause Beryl needed a substitute for her real obsession, Endymion. THEN when she got her grubby paws on the real thing she cast Kunzite aside and he had to settle for Zoicite. But what Takeuchi Naoko didn't want us to know is that before Beryl spurned the Bleach-head she bore him a child. A child so evil, so diabolically cruel and nightmarishly horrifying that even Metallia turned it away when Beryl tried to offer it up as a sacrifice! I SWEAR!!! REALLY! So what else could Beryl do? She put the child into crystal stasis (Kitty, I swear that I didn't steal this from you!! But you did say it first!!). Unfortunately while on their lovely little trip to the past, Rubeus and the Four Sisters found the crystal and unleashed the child demon. They were all so horrified that they did an unspeakable thing. They stole Setsuna's Time Staff and threatened to destroy it unless she deposited the infant in the future and told the Neo King and Queen a lie that she was their daughter from the future and for some weird unexplainable reasons she can't grow up there, but has to grow up in the past. (I know it don't make much sense...but HEY! I'm still working on it! Some things about the EvilSpore are just unexplainable!) So in order to get her Time Staff back 
Setsuna did what they asked... knowing the horrible consequences of her action but hey, its her Time Staff! Some things just have to have precedence ya know. But she also knew that run ins with this horrible evil would
make Usagi-chan and the other Senshi stronger, so she allowed it to happen. And there you have it! The truth about ChibiSpores parantage and how she ended up in Crystal Tokyo!

Idea sent by: Sailor Celestial

A youma put her in the same place as Elmyra from Tiny Toons and the world explodes from cuteness overload!

Idea sent by:

Mamoru and Rei went on a date in the first season of Sailormoon. Rei, even though she is one of my favorite senshi, might have slipped a little something into Mamo's milkshake (^^ I'm not sure if they went to a
restaurant or not BUUUT...) that made him pass out. Rei took Mamoru over to the temple and she, well...I'm not THAT perverted ^_-;. A few weeks later, Rei was found puking in a garbage dumpster and she accidentally vomited up a Chibi-Bitch fetus. Rei disposed of the garbage quickly and easily: by flushing IT down the toilet. Somehow, Chibi Usa grew at an incredibly slow rate, by the time she was 30,006 years old, she had the body of a little girl! And thus we conclude that Chibi Usa is nothing more an unwanted child...erm...yeah CHILD (if we should dare call her that) of Rei. How sinful =P

Idea sent by:

Two Words : Nuclear accident

Idea sent by:

Well, it's obvious that this demon cannot be the daughter of Usagi and Mamoru. How on earth could a blond haired, blue eyed mother and a black haired, blue eyed father have a pink haired, red-eyed daughter? I have a bit of an explanation for the eyes though. Every Moon-couple has a child with red eyes. Take Diana - that wonderful kitten is cursed with the same eye color as the demon spawn. And the pink hair? Two words. Hawk Eye. I mean, who's to say that Usagi and Mamoru don't have a few tussles along the way after the end of the series before they become King Edymion and Neo-Queen Serenity? Helios ~did~ keep the Trio nice and safe in Illusion, and if they can transport Chibi back and forth through time, getting to Illusion would be a piece of cake!

Idea sent by:

Chibi-Usa is evil. She is an evil demon. When she was young, the most feared  demon looked for a body to posses. Then, it found the perfect one. Chibi-Usa. Before that, Chibi-Usa had blue eyes. She had grown horns, but her hairstlye hides it. She has fangs, but she could make them disappear if she wishes. Also, she is dangerous!!!

Idea sent by:

Who created pestilence, war, famine, and death? Gee, I guess if your a retard this would be hard to figure out.
Rini is all those things in one, hiding behind supposed cuteness. This spawn of satan should be killed. And even worse, the spore is trying to get her future daddy into an incestual relationship with her. Death to the pink haired
fungusy little spore!!!!!!!!!!!

Idea sent by: Moon Princess

I have many theories on Chibi-Usa and what are her genes made of... 1) With Montel DNA Testing we find out that she IS Usagi's and Mamoru's child. If Pluto would give me a time key I can fix this up my not making Mamoru returned after his star seed was taken. This all turns into one thing: Seiya marries Usagi! =) 2) Chibi-Usa is a spawn of BOTH Galaxia, Queen Beryl, Choas, Mamoru. Making her a test-tube child of eeeevil. 3) She IS the love child of Hitler and Bill Gates (if such a thing possible). 4) She's an evil clone of Small-Usa, a lovely, daughter-sterotypical little girl who loves her mommy and daddy like she supposed to do. 5) She's the bringer of the apocalypse there for she has no parents. 6) She's Lilith (biblical reference here)! 7) She's a fallen angel. 8) She's just plain eeevil! 9) Her parents are Bill Clinton and THAT intern. 10) She's a personality and/or voice in Kittykat's mind that drove her so far into denial that she has become real! 

Idea sent by Asuka

As all Trekkers know, in the TOS episode "the Trouble with Tribbles", Lt. Uhura brought a tribble on board the Enterprise. When the tribble spawned, Dr. McCoy took one of the tribbles to sick bay for testing. While doing the tests, McCoy was called to the bridge and had to leave the tribble in the hands of another doctor. The young doc thought it would be fun to mold the tribbles DNA to her own, and as a result, she became pregnant. Two days later, she had a small pink-hared, red-eyed, baby girl named Renee. The child grew so fast that one week later she was six years old and incurable obnoxious, and if anyone touched her to try and stop her she would kick them in the shin and run. Captain Kirk dissuaded to put the child in an escape pod and send her some where else. She ended up with the Klingons, pissed them off by showing the same behavior she had on the Enterprise, and the captain of the ship sent the kid to earth. She landed in Mamoru Chiba`s rose bushes, and noting the child looked like his beloved Usako, name the kid Chibiusa and took her into his care.

Idea sent by: Sailor_Sun13

Have you folks ever wondered about theese things.
Chibi-Usa has certainly looks much like Usagi, but I can't see a tiniest bit of Mamoru in her? Allso somwhere in internet it was stated that CU's bloodtype was 0, as is Usagis, but Mamoru's blood is of type A. Now we all know that offspring of types A and 0 have only 25% change of producing an offspring with 0 type blood.

So, who is Chibi-Usa's real father?

The principles of genetics dictate following facts about CU's second parent:

Hair color: Red (combined with usagis blonde to produce pink)
Eye color: Red ("Fathers" eyes)
Character: Mean attitude (to compensate Usagis kindness)

So who has all theese atrributes, i wondered long and hard before it struck me. I watched lot's of pictures of Wicked lady and I realised that she looked wery much like the Golden Queen - Galaxia.

Also remember Chibi Chibi, why would Galaxias starseed resemble CU?

Now when, and how this is possible i don't know. Maybe it just hapened during the final fight between The Big G and Usagi, perhaps The Big G returned later (after becoming good) to give her powers to a child becourse she had too many enemies? We might newer know, but we can be fairly sure about ChibiUsas parents, Not Usagi and Mamoru but two most powerful senshi in the universe, Galalxia and Sailor Moon.
See webpage for full story


I think that people thought that Chibi Chibi was just so cute that they were going to clone her and make another one. Well, the scientists tried to clone her but something went terribly terribly wrong, thus the pink-haired demon. (Also explains why Chibi Chibi and the pink-haired demon kind of look alike.

If you have an idea on the true nature of the spore, mail me and tell me all about it!