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Fri Apr 7 10:27:44 2000 - beautiful_girl_zoysite13: your site is one of the best, but i would like to see more pics of zoisite ( yes I know she was a he in the jap version, but i prefer the female version ) I really like Big pics if you can add any!!

Mon Mar 27 13:59:39 2000 - KK ( Testing 123
Wed Jul 14 09:52:52 1999 - Gita Lee ( Hi! This page is really cool, and is going to be great once everything is put up! You've got a lot of ambition... I like that! And I love the address!
Fri Jul 2 18:01:02 1999 - Black Rose (none): Great page
Thu Jun 17 17:58:27 1999 - Rubeus and Crushafo ( All right! A domain group dedicated completely to us bad guys! We rule! Hahahahaha--Ouch! Watch the broom! Anyways, you might want to know that the profiles are all broken. You have a very nice layout (love the bar on the frames here).
Tue Jun 1 16:41:30 1999 - Zoisite ( Just me, testing the guestbook...

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