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101 Uses for Chibi-Usa

(Dead or Alive!)

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197. New kool-aid flavor!

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198. Professional exterminator (The pest will die at first sight)

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(this one has to do with Dragonball Z)
Use her to defeat Freeza
Goku: (to freeza) If you don't give us the Dragonballs, we'll sick Chibi Usa on you!
Freeza: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO any thing but that, take them, take them!!
(The Evil One starts chasing Gohan) Gohan: Keep it away, keep it away!!
Chibi Usa: You're kinda cute. Wanna go on a date?

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199. If there's one thing the Pink Plague is good for, it's being a hentai dump off. Not only does all the hentai fanfic involving her (it?) suck, it makes her look bad! Little remains to be said.

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