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101 Uses for Chibi-Usa

(Dead or Alive!)

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200. Wrap her up and give her to your enemies for Christmas of other holidays. John: Oh, a present from my enemy, Sam. AHHHH!
Spore: Konnichiwa!
People hearing this run from their houses screaming. Spore races around singing "Rain or Shine" and eating people's arms.
201.Grind her up and put her in a bottle labeled Powdered Chibi Usa. Give it to a witch who will probably put the container next to Liquid Star Maker.
202. Tie her up and poke her repeatedly (no actual point in that, just want to do it! Heheheheh!)
203. Slowly chop off every on of her major limbs one at a time. Chop them up and give them to people you hate (food poisoning!) Take her head, put it in a jar with formaldehyde and put it in a museum in a display called Everyone's Worst Nightmare.
204. Train her and teach her to sic people. Then, let her loose on the street and watch her KILL!!! Then, when everyone is dead, tie her up and stick pins in her until she bleeds to death! MWAHAHAHAHAHA! heh.
205. Scrape all the sugar off of her and use it as the die in cotton candy. 
206. Chop off her hair-like products on her head (can't be hair) blow dry it and WHAM! Instant cotton!
207. Take a lead pipe and smack her repeatedly.
Lady Chibikiller smacks Spore: WHAM! WHAM! WHAMHAMWHAM! HAHAHAHAHAHHA! 
Spore: Help me, Mommy and Daddy!
Usagi and Mamoru sit nearby.
Usagi: I think not. Beryl is your mommy, Devil Child.
Spore: Goody! Now I can continue lusting after the man who was 
formerly my daddy! OWWWW! WHAAAAAAAAH!
208. Freeze her and use her as a new Barbie product: My Size Nightmare Barbie! Comes complete in Sailor Chibi Spore uniform! Press her stomach and she sings "Rain or Shine!" (at least I think it does. Nobody has survived long enough to know) Comes with a plastic knife! Insert it in a special spot in her back and she screams, "Help Me!" Poke her eye and says," I want to marry my daddy! He's hot!"
209. Cut off her head, paint it green, and display it as the World's Only Poisonous Melon!
210. Chop her hair off, freeze the taco odangos, sharpen them, and use them as Ninja stars
211. Eternal Sailor Moon's New Attack: Moon Extreme Nightmare Spore Blast!
Chibi Usa: You rang?

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212. With a few special affects she could replace Godzilla!
213. Or you could scare Godzilla off!
214. Or better yet, to feed Godzilla!
215. Awesome Halloween costume! (don't expect much candy though, but no loss, eat chibi!)
216. The new "Death Kellie" in the Barbie collection
217. Use as paint for walls! Use her hair for pink, blood for red!
218. Valentines day card (be sure not to include her face, what the heck, chop her whole head off)
219. Throw away that kryptonite folks, a new, easier way to kill superman!
220. A new series for the Sci Fi channel
221. ((((you are now entering the twilight zone chibi USA!))))
222. ever notice the similarity: Ch ch ch chia! <> Ch ch ch chibi!
223. Beef, its what's for dinner.
224.  Guinness Book of worlds records, the longest time spent with chibi usa.

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Uses for Chibi-Usa in Star Wars: Episode 1
225. Defective pod racer tester
226. Jar-Jar Bink's blind date (she was the reason poor Jar-Jar got kicked out)
227. Darth Maul's lightsaber tester
228. Spare fan belt for Anakin's pod racer
229. Watto's toothbrush (he may not use it, though)
230. Target practice for the Gungans and their explosive paintballs
231. Stunt double for Kenny the Battle Droid
232. A hood ornament for Anakin's pod racer (it scares the other racers into crashing)
233. The main reason Anakin took the Dark Side
234. Queen Amidala's stunt double 
235. Battle Droid target practice
236. Battle Droid repellent- just let her walk with you 
237. The reason Jar-Jar can't speak proper English (after Chibi singing that song, you never know WHAT happens!!)

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238. Strength builder for "The PowerPuff Girls".
239. Cannibal food (Chibi-Usa: Please, don't eat me! Cannibal Chief: We are not taking the chances, you are our lunch for today.)
240. Scare Frieza away in Dragon Ball Z (Gohan: I know what we'll use!*picks up Chibi-Usa* We can use Chibi-Usa to kill Frieza, or at least scare him away!
Krillin: Ok, lets go!*Gohan and Krillin fly over to Frieza with Chibi-Usa,
Gohan shows Chibi-Usa to Frieza*  Frieza: AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! *runs away*)

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241. Quantum Matrix for the Quantum Slipstream Drive.
242. Test subject for Borg maturation chamber.

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243. A tester to see if Washu's dimension hopper is working properly. (If it's not , then she'll become non-existent. :-D)
244. Brock's secret ingrdient in his super-sweet onigiri.
245. A way for the senshi to take out their stress from being in all those lemons.
246. A target for Lina to work on aim for her dragonslave.
247. Grind her up, make poison out of the remains, and all really bad lemon writers will wish they were never born. :->
248. Smush her into a fine paste, add to your hair, and you have a styling gel that will hold up any anime hairstyle.

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249. Blow her up and use her as a blimp in a war, that should scare them
enemies off.

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250. Use her as one of those stress dolls that you strangle. (Remember, this works best if she's alive).

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251. Plant a bomb in her head and use her as dynamite
252. A fork (bend her hair and be sure to laminate the rest of her body. Oh yeah, and don't forget to shape her body right! Using a sword, rapier, axe, scimitar, etc.)
253. A tester to test who farted somewhere, but no matches!
254. A coathanger
255. A candle
256. Chibi Food Inc. (They should serve: Chibi-Usa on rye, Chibi-Usa slightly burnt, Chibi spagetti, Chibikabob, etc. But who would want to eat Chibi-Usa?)
257. (This is for Star Wars fans, like me) A tester to see if a lightsaber would really cut through human skin (Unknown Jedi: Chibi-Usa, come in!
Chibi-Usa: Konnichiwa! (giggles loudly)
Unknown Jedi: Heh heh... (turns on lightsaber) You may feel a slight
Chibi-Usa: AHHHHHHH!
Unknown Jedi: Strap her down!
(four scientists appear and strap her to a chair)
Chibi-Usa: AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Chop!)

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