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Cape Girl
House Coat
Orange Shirt
Simply the best Sailor Moon parody in existance. I've even sketched a few of the scenes from it. Don't drink milk while reading this, or the poor milk will end up all over the monitor.
Sailor Moon: The Missing Truth
Mars & co.Parodies of each Sailor Moon episode. The co-author notes that the stuff with Chibi-Moon doesn't get good until the third season.
Frank White
Zoisite no Miko
How to get rid of Chibi-Usa. Lovely story. ;-)
Rini's Murder Mystery
MajeanWho did it? Who knows.. I'm not telling.
Frozen Cold
Son Goku SaotomeThe death of Chibi-Usa
Ruler of the World
Mark DohertyI *love* this fic! The senshi get rid of Chibi-Usa!
A Holiday tale
Steve GarrettHotaru tells a holiday story
A hentaiís dream (Or nightmare) come true...
Steve GarrettEven cold-blooded killer demons fear her.
The Final Battle
Steve GarrettCURE & the senshi vs. Chibi-Usa
Ultimate C-U Deathfic
Steve Garrett
A Story of Rini's Death
Lady Chibikiller
Sailor Mercury Vs. Chibi Moon
celebrity death match style
Senshi Death Match #1
Sarah, Dee, Kara and Ally
Chibi Moon (Spore) Vs. Neptune (Michiru)
Teddy Bears and Lollipops
A sweet, innocent girl was born... no one knew she would be a...
Amazon Senshi VS The Pink One
Urika Katzlee
Savagekitty's Amazon Senshi take on the horror of Chibiusa
There's Something about Death!!!
Castlevania, YingGirl, and general insanity results in a not fun time for Chibiusa.
Sailor Moon TZ
Dark Queen
Pure insanity when all the chibiusa clubs, plus the Tuxedo Kamen clubs, take sides with the senshi against...
A Sailor Moon ParoD(iC)y
Dark Queen
Rather long but the author promises CU evilness toward the end.
My fanfic!
Mr. Jonathan
Senshi, Chibiusa, and author weirdness.

If you know of any fics out there that portray Chibi-Usa's true (evil) nature, send in the URL. If you have written a fanfic of this nature but lack a place to archive it, send it to me in an email.

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